With Only Our Tongues for Our Swords

Hi, I'm Will Potter. I usually write at GreenIsTheNewRed.com.

Here I'll be posting articles, thoughts from the road, and far too many photos of vintage motorcycles and old hardcore bands.



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  1. HUGE WIN!

  2. Pioneers Press September Newsletter!


    You can see the web version right here if you’re not a subscriber. 

    Lots of good stuff in this one. Will Potter’s photos of the Hard Fifty Farm, info on our newest releases, an update on the lawsuit, and info about the huge sale we’re running to help us get out to Portland for the trial.

  3. I wrote this preface to a new book on the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

  4. These are the stakes. These are the risks that many communities around the globe face for fighting back. If there is something positive to come out of horrific crimes like this, perhaps it is a reminder that if others can continue their struggle in such a climate of fear and violence, so can you. 

  6. Awesome news. The writing is on the wall.

  7. kopns:

    Friday event in San Diego for this weekend’s national weekend of action against the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA). I didn’t get a chance to make a sign, but fortunately there were extras. Leaflets were passed and we heard some inspiring words.

    I’m on my phone and no good at linking to more info. If you wish to learn more about the AETA, it’s creation, and how it is silencing animal rights activism and our First Amendment rights, read Green Is The New Red by journalist Will Potter. Mother Jones also has a current and informative article about how ag gag laws, and AETA shape the agriculture and activist communities.

  8. 13 Incredible Photos of Amazon Tribe Fighting Back Against Illegal Loggers

    See the full photo set here:


  9. crapandemic:

    Got this super rad zine in the mail the other day from one of the little dudes at wearepioneerspress!

    If you’ve ever wondered what life is like for a budding photo prodigy/heir to a zine empire living in the middle of butt-nowhere, KS, Big Diamond will give you a pretty good idea. This kid has so much heart it’s unbelievable. He loves everything and everybody, his commentary reflects that, and his photos would be perfectly at home in the pages of Vice or some other hipster rag that prides itself on pictures showcasing “gritty authenticity”. Except Liam is, you know, 3 1/2 years old, and therefore doesn’t know how to be contrived, which makes it even better, because he’s actually authentically authentic and not fake-authentic, commodified-authentic, so-not-punk-rock-authentic. Y’know??

    Pick this one up if you like Star Wars, stuff made by kids, photo zines, or looking cool in front of your art school friends. Liam is a treasure. Thanks for the zine, little buddy!


  10. jessie-duke:

    Beautiful shots of our farm by Will Potter. Had a lovely visit with him last week. Went by far too quickly.